Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Back, Y'all!

I have been busy moving the Vegan Cajuns across the country.  We relocated from Cajun Country to the Pacific Northwest!  We are enjoying Seattle, especially the weather that any Cajun would pay good money for in the month of August - 60s and 70s, breezy, beautiful, and sunny, sunny, sunny!  

It's also nice to be in a place where good vegan cuisine is easy to find and people don't look at you like you have two heads if you don't eat meat!  Supper tonight was a remake of an old Pampered Chef favorite, Brown Butter Tortellini.  

"Brown Butter" Ravioli

20 oz vegan ravioli or tortellini (I used Rising Moon Organics Butternut Squash Vegan Ravioli)
1/4 cup vegan margarine (I used Earth Balance Buttery Sticks)
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 bunch fresh baby spinach (about 6 oz)
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast ("nooch")
2 links vegan sausage, sliced or broken apart (I used Field Roast Sage and Apple Sausage)

Cook ravioli according to package directions.  Add spinach to a colander and drain ravioli over the spinach to slightly wilt it.

In a large skillet, melt margarine and toss in the nooch and whisk around.  This gives a nuttiness that you would otherwise get browning regular dairy butter.  Saute' sausage and red bell pepper until the sausage is browned and the pepper is just starting to soften.  Add ravioli and spinach and toss, adding salt and pepper to taste.  

Super quick recipe and VERY tasty!  


  1. This looks really Yummy! And we most definately did NOT look at you like you had two heads....just one strange "vegan-head"!!! Love and miss seeing y'all at Journey! This South Louisiana Gal is a little jealous of your great August weather (especially in the midst of Sir Isaac). Love and prayers, Debbie C.

  2. Recipe looks VERY tasty! Glad you are back!! :)

  3. This does look good and I'm glad you're back - just in time to save me from beans and rice another month in a row. ::snort::

    Seriously, I missed your move to the NW....we fly in and out of SEA so I have hope of hooking up on one of the trips.

    I'm off to look for your taco lentil recipe.

  4. Looks YUMMY! Do you plan to blog about your new life??? Where is the RSS feed button? I'm wondering how to get it to show new content in my feed?